pinkeyeAn eye infection is extremely contagious so it’s important to seek treatment for it right away. If you have touched the area around your eye at all, it could easily transfer to someone else.

If you have an eye infection, you should avoid touching your face, wash your hands frequently and keep away from those who may have the condition.

An eye infection can be either viral or bacterial. A viral infection is known as “pink eye” and is often the result of a cold or sinusitis. The symptoms for “pink eye” are redness, itching, burning or a watery discharge.

A bacterial eye infection can cause eye swelling, gray or yellow discharge, crust along the eye lash and sensitivity to light. Both infections can begin in one eye and spread to the other one. You should seek medical treatment for both kinds of infections.

Go to an emergency room if you are experiencing the following:

  • Puncture wound to the eye
  • Detached retina
  • Loss of sight
  • Toxic chemicals in the eye

If you cannot find relief from your eye infection, you should come to one of the four Midwest Express Clinic locations. We are conveniently located in Blue Island, IL; Willowbrook, IL; Schererville, IN; and Munster, IN.

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