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Injury & Extensive Care

Midwest Express Clinic prides itself on providing courteous family medical care by experienced staff, committed to serving you and your healthcare needs. We understand that injury & extensive care doesn’t adhere to traditional business hours.

Walk-in Injury & Extensive Care From Qualified Physicians

If you’ve suffered an injury, you know the importance of receiving care from qualified, courteous medical staff. Thankfully, Midwest Express Clinic offers this conveniently in a walk-in clinic with hours that work for you.

At Midwest Express Clinic, we know that the pain of an occupational injury won’t stop while you wait hours for an emergency room visit or weeks for a doctor’s appointment. That’s why you never need an appointment to visit one of our centrally located urgent care clinics.

Our providers at each of our locations offer all forms of work injury care, from muscle strain treatment to pain management and rehabilitation.



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When to Get Immediate Care

Home remedies are a good way to help heal or stop common illnesses and minor injuries and can be very useful.  However, it is important to know when the problem has become too much to handle on your own.