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Gender Reveal Ultrasounds at Midwest Express Clinic

If you’re like most people, you can’t wait to find out if there will be a little boy or girl running around your house in the near future. Whether you’re planning for the future or are just curious, you can now receive a non-diagnostic gender reveal ultrasound at Midwest Express Clinic in addition to our pregnancy testing and confirmation, ultrasound and pre-natal care services! We can also provide a diagnostic dating ultrasound with an order from one of our providers.

Patients will receive a USB drive with photos from the scan. (Printed photos are not available at this time.)

Learn more about preparing for your ultrasound below!

Preparing For Your Gender Reveal Ultrasound

While there may be many old wives’ tales circulating across the internet about how to determine your baby’s gender, gender reveal ultrasounds are one scientifically accurate way to know the gender of your baby during pregnancy. Midwest Express Clinic offers ultrasounds to determine the gender of your baby starting at 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Please drink around 26-28 ounces of fluid around one hour prior to your exam. No other preparation is needed.

**If you wish not to know the gender at the time of your visit, you may request the results in an envelope!**

We accept most major insurances, but we also offer affordable self-pay rates too!

This is a non-diagnostic, elective ultrasound by appointment only. Midwest Express Clinic requires that patients be under the care of a provider to receive this service. If you are not currently under the care of a provider, but are interested in a gender reveal ultrasound, we are more than happy to see you for any of your diagnostic needs.

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