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Urgent Care or Emergency Room

You’ve experienced an injury, or have come down with an illness when your regular provider is unavailable. Your first thought may be to head to the ER first for help, but you dread the long wait – and expensive hospital bill. For those non-emergency instances, make it a much simpler and affordable experience while still getting the care you need by visiting an urgent care like Midwest Express Clinic.

When to Visit an Urgent Care

An urgent care is ideal for a number of health concerns. When you’re sick or in pain, you want relief, and waiting for your regular provider could take days or weeks. Sure, your illness or injury may not be something that requires immediate attention in a medical sense, but you are ready to get back to feeling like yourself again.

Senior adult patient talks with provider

At Midwest Express Clinic, our urgent care is fully equipped to handle a variety of health issues and concerns, including:

When to Visit an Emergency Room

At any time, if you experience a sudden onset of severe symptoms, a high fever that won’t break, have chest pain, difficulty breathing, or any other more severe symptom, go to an emergency room right away for treatment. If you visit Midwest Express Clinic and we find your ailment requires emergency treatment, we will refer you to the nearest ER for help.

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