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COVID-19 Testing Available at Midwest Express Clinic

Rapid Antigen Testing Now Available! Learn more in the FAQ below.

Midwest Express Clinic is dedicated to keeping our patients informed during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, we are still open and seeing patients for preventive care, as well as offering COVID-19 testing and antibody testing.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. If you have these symptoms, you may be at risk. Learn more about if you qualify for COVID-19 testing at MEC below.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Midwest Express Clinic is not currently offering the COVID-19 vaccine. We will provide more updates as supplies and information regarding the vaccine become more available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Types of COVID-19 Tests

Midwest Express Clinic offers both the PCR nasal swab and rapid  testing for COVID-19, as well as antibody testing at all locations.

The PCR nasal swab is the most accurate way to determine if the COVID-19 virus is present. Patients who need a test for work, school, travel will typically need the PCR nasal swab. For all others, Midwest Express Clinic offers rapid testing, which delivers results in 15 minutes!

Test Result Turnaround Times

COVID-19 test results are returned within 15 minutes for rapid testing. For the nasal swab test, most results will return by the end of the next day. However, please note that some results may return later due to capacity/staffing.


Now offering Antibody Testing

Midwest Express Clinic also offers COVID-19 antibody testing, including rapid tests with results available in 15 minutes! Patients must be symptom free for 14 days to be eligible for this test. If you’re interested in learning more about antibody testing, you can do so here!


Frequently Asked Questions

General Information


How Is the Test Performed?

The COVID-19 test is swabbed through the nose. You may feel some minor discomfort and it may make your eyes water.

Test results for the rapid test are returned within 15 minutes. Test results for the PCR test are returned by the end of the next day. However, please note that some results may return later due to capacity and staffing.

Do I Qualify For COVID-19 Testing?

Midwest Express Clinic is currently testing all patients, regardless of symptoms, including anyone that meets any of the following criteria:

  • Anyone that wants to be tested to rule out COVID-19 (with or without symptoms)
  • Anyone that has had any sort of exposure to COVID-19 (with or without symptoms)
  • Any frontline or essential worker, or first responder (with or without symptoms)
  • Any employee with an employer request for testing
  • Anyone with an order for testing

If you do not meet the above criteria, you may still receive testing at our providers’ discretion. Please register online at your closest testing location


COVID-19 testing is available at all Midwest Express Clinic locations.

Testing is available from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Monday-Friday and 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Saturday-Sunday.

Tell me more about rapid testing for COVID-19.

Midwest Express Clinic is now offering rapid antigen testing for COVID-19 at all of our locations!

This rapid test is the latest technology on the market and is approved for emergency use by the FDA.

Test results are returned within 15 minutes for rapid tests.

For pricing information on our rapid COVID-19 testing, please view the additional sections below labeled “How Much Is The COVID-19 Test?” and choose the option (same day pricing or insurance) that fits your situation.

Note: Patients using insurance can be tested using the PCR nasal swab test and the rapid test on the same day, but we do not guarantee coverage. 


If you are planning to travel and need a test, we recommend getting the PCR nasal swab test. The rapid test may also be used in some cases.

The rapid test is generally approved for domestic travel. For international travel, please check with the country’s travel advisory for testing requirements. For additional questions, we recommend calling one of our locations

Airlines will typically require patients to test within 72 hours of their flight. We recommend verifying the guidelines set by your airline for the most accurate information.

Are You Offering the COVID-19 Vaccine?

At this time Midwest Express Clinic offices are not offering the COVID-19 vaccine or the COVID-19 Booster. Please follow our health blog and social media pages for more updates as information becomes available.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

I have already been tested at an mec location. where are my results?

COVID-19 test results are returned within 15 minutes for rapid testing. Test results for the PCR test are returned by the end of the next day. However, please note that some results may return later due to capacity and staffing.

Once your results are back we will email you a copy. You will receive a text message indicating when your results have been emailed over to you. You can also access your results through MyQuest or through our patient portal.

Please call the clinic where you received your test for any questions regarding your results.

I just need a note to return to work. can i get a work note?

Yes, we are able to provide a work note along with your test results.

Please note: the CDC guidelines on self-quarantine were updated as of December 27, 2021. Depending on whether you have been vaccinated or not, you may have a period of time that you must quarantine before we can clear you to return to work.

If you have tested positive, regardless of vaccination status, you must isolate for 5 days and be asymptomatic before we can clear you to return to work. All individuals who have been tested should wear a well-fitting mask around others until 10 days after exposure.



What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The symptoms of COVID-19 resemble the flu and include a fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, aches and pains and a sore throat.

What does direct exposure mean?

If the person you were exposed to hasn’t tested positive and is not showing symptoms, that means you were not directly exposed to COVID-19.

I may have been exposed, but i'm not sure. what should i do?

If you feel you have been potentially exposed, but are not feeling any symptoms, you can still get tested!

Please visit our locations page to find your closest testing center and schedule a same-day visit.

i have a cough or other COVID-19 symptoms. can I get tested?

We are providing COVID-19 testing for all patients, regardless of symptoms.

Prior to your visit, you will be asked some pre-screening questions about your symptoms or possible exposure to COVID-19.

My symptoms have not stopped or have worsened. what should i do?

If your symptoms have not stopped, have worsened, or if you are having trouble breathing, please go to your nearest emergency room. If you feel your symptoms are life-threatening, call 911.

However, if you do not feel that your symptoms are emergent, please visit our locations page and schedule a same-day visit at your closest testing center.

If i come in to your clinic, how do i know i won't be exposed?

All Midwest Express Clinic locations have implemented protocols consistent with the CDC’s guidelines to ensure the quality and safety of care provided to our patients.



how much is the covid-19 test? (Same-Day Pricing)

Rapid COVID-19 Testing

Patients interested in rapid testing will receive our rapid antigen test. Cost of this test for patients paying out-of-pocket is $155, which includes the test and an office visit.

PCR Testing

Patients who need a PCR nasal swab test for travel, work, or other reasons will need to be seen by a provider. The out-of-pocket rate for all PCR tests, regardless of symptoms, is $200.

Note: Patients who need work documentation, post-testing notes, or other paperwork must discuss with a provider during your exam.

how much is the covid-19 test? (Insurance)

For Patients Using Insurance

The cost of COVID-19 testing may vary depending on your insurance coverage. We recommend contacting your insurance provider for specific coverage and costs. Our office will collect a co-pay at the time of visit, if applicable.

Please be aware that all patients, regardless of symptoms, using insurance for COVID-19 testing will be seen by a provider. This means that an office visit will be billed out.

Note: Patients who need work documentation, post-testing notes, or paperwork must discuss with a provider during your exam.

will my insurance cover this test?

Insurance coverage varies. Some insurances may cover COVID-19 or antibody testing at 100%, while others may not. To view our accepted insurance, including Medicare and most Medicaid, click here.

We advise you to call your insurance provider directly to verify coverage and costs.

i read online that testing is free? Is this true?

We cannot guarantee that COVID-19 testing is free for anyone. We are not affiliated with any government agencies that allow us to test for free.

Note: Government-run facilities may be able to offer testing at no-charge to patients; however, we do not know where these locations may be. 

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