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Get Scrubbing: Oct. 15 is Global Handwashing Day

Oct 12, 2020

Get Scrubbing: Oct. 15 is Global Handwashing Day

We’ve more than likely all been told throughout our lives how important it is to wash our hands. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, this hygienic practice is even more important, but are you taking handwashing as seriously as you should? On October 15, 2020, we recognize Global Handwashing Day in an effort to increase awareness regarding the importance of proper handwashing.

Hand Hygiene for All

This year’s Global Handwashing Day theme is “Hand Hygiene for All,” but what does that mean? It serves as a reminder of the importance of proper hand hygiene, especially with soap. Proper handwashing is a habit that we should all put into practice whether out in public or in our own homes. Unfortunately, some people do not have easy access to handwashing facilities with soap and water. In fact, only 60% of the world’s population has this kind of access. Working to ensure everyone is able to practice handwashing as a regular habit in all settings will help control the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses across the globe.

Preventing Illnesses with Handwashing

Although washing your hands seems like such a simple task, it can have quite the impact on illness prevention when done right. Using proper technique, handwashing with soap can:

  • Reduce the infection of diarrheal diseases by 30% – 48%
  • Reduce acute respiratory infections by 20%
  • Reduce the transmission of outbreak-related pathogens including cholera, Ebola, shigellosis, SARS, and hepatitis E
  • Protect against healthcare-associated infections and reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance
  • Reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 infection by 36%

How to Get Involved on Global Handwashing Day

Take this Global Handwashing Day to help spread the word – and not germs. You can encourage these practices in your community through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s campaign Life is Better with Clean Hands. You can also spread the word to others via your social media channels. Be sure you and your family are using proper handwashing technique to ensure effectiveness by watching video demonstrations. If you are back at work on location, or working in a setting frequented by the public, you can order free handwashing posters from the CDC in an effort to provide a constant reminder for everyone to wash their hands.

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