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Burn Treatment at Midwest Express Clinic

Burns need to be treated immediately and can be caused by light, heat, chemicals, electricity or friction.


Diagnosis & Treatment

There are four types of burns that will require different treatment:

  • 1st degree
    It is described as redness on skin with no blistering and can easily be treated at Midwest Express Clinic urgent care. A cool compress, aloe, lidocaine ointment and acetaminophen may help relieve pain.
  • 2nd degree
    Described as redness on skin with the formation of clear blisters. Mild burn blisters can be treated at our walk-in clinic, but you should go to the emergency room if extensive blistering appears white or bloody.
  • 3rd degree
    It is described as a full thickness burn that appears dry or slightly leathery. It may have a whitish brown color instead of redness. You should go to the emergency room for burn treatment. An excision may be required.
  • 4th degree
    The skin will look black or charred. The patient may not feel pain because nerve fibers have been destroyed. An ambulance should be called immediately.

The severity of the burn will determine the proper treatment required. Minor burns can be treated at a Midwest Express Clinic urgent care while severe burns should be treated in the emergency room as soon as possible. If you visit one of our walk-in clinics and it’s determined your burn is severe, you will be referred to a nearby emergency room.

Remember, you can visit one of the Midwest Express Clinic locations for minor burns.

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