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Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a multisystem approach to chronic health conditions. It focuses on genetic, molecular, environmental, and lifestyle factors to identify the root cause of your condition.

Practitioners of functional medicine utilize blood tests that examine micronutrients and inflammatory markers that may provide a more in-depth view of your underlying health issues, and may allow us to better measure how your body is responding to recommended treatments and lifestyle changes.


Only available at Dyer.

Functional Medicine

Additional Information

Why Functional Medicine?

  • You’ve seen multiple specialists and still not feeling better.
  • You’ve been prescribed different meds and haven’t seen improvement.
  • You’ve been told, “You’re fine, and it’s all in your head.”

Does my insurance cover Functional Medicine?

The Functional Medicine consultation and assessment will be covered by your insurance. We offer a self-pay option for the uninsured as well. Comprehensive Functional Medicine laboratory tests are partially covered by insurance. Please call our office for more details.

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Functional Medicine

What do we offer:


  • Comprehensive Cardiometabolic Testing
  • GI Microbiome Testing: pediatric and adults

  • Comprehensive Hormonal Testing

  • Comprehensive Thyroid Function Testing

  • Heavy Metal Testing

  • Micronutrient/Minerals/Vitamins deficiencies

  • Food/Environmental Allergies

  • Food Sensitivity Testing


  • Individualized lifestyle and diet modification plan

  • Pharmacological and alternative management tools

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