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Meet Our New Provider: Dr. Koality Care

Jul 26, 2023

Meet Our New Provider

Koala Mascot animated
Birthday: February 22


MEC Provider

Midwest Express Clinic is excited to introduce Koality Care (Pronounced Koal-ity Care) our official mascot highlighting our pediatric services and our mission to provide quality care.

Dr. Koality Care, a compassionate koala, brings a unique touch to urgent care. She is known for her caring personality and providing comfort to those she crossed paths with, Dr. Koality Care earned trust from all.

After Midwest Express Clinic stumbled upon Dr. Koality Care she joined the team, dedicating herself to comforting children. With a magical touch, she transformed the waiting room into a friendly space adorned with kids’ activities, love, and comfort. She eases anxiety through treating ouchies, helping parents understand preventative care, and making a trip to the doctor not so scary.

Beloved by children and parents, Dr. Koality Care explains medical procedures in a comforting way. Her exceptional skills and unwavering dedication earned her the title, “Koality Care Extraordinaire.” Join us at Midwest Express Clinic and experience extraordinary care from a loving koala.

Dr. Koality Care regularly appears at community events, clinics, and sporting events. She brings comfort and joy to your little ones even when they aren’t feeling their best.

Learn more about Dr. Koality Care with these interactive and fun activity pages.

Midwest Express Clinic and Dr. Koality Care are here for you and your family all year.

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