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Labs, Testing & X-Rays

Midwest Express Clinic prides itself on providing courteous care by an expert staff, committed to serving all of your healthcare needs.

Labs, Testing & X-Rays

Midwest Express Clinic urgent care offers onsite x-rays at each of our six locations so we can better determine what your ailment is and work quickly to treat it. As a convenient walk-in clinic, you won’t have to deal with waiting for hours in a hospital waiting room or be worried about being transferred from one department or facility to the next. We have everything you need at one location.

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Midwest Express Clinic Labs, Testing & X-Ray Services

We are also fully equipped to treat and splint broken bones, sprains, strains and other similar, non-emergency injuries.

You will be referred to a nearby emergency room if our examinations determine you need emergency care for your injury.

Visit one of the six Midwest Express Clinic urgent care locations for X-rays and to treat your ailment.



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