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Spring Clean Your Health

Apr 16, 2018

Spring Clean Your Health

spring clean healthAfter the winter season, you are ready to quite literally shake the dust off in your home as you prepare for the warmer season ahead. Spring is all about growth and renewed energy which is often reflected when we spring clean our homes. Deep cleaning and getting rid of the extra junk and clutter are great ways to help give you the sense that your home is fresh once again. But have you thought about giving your health a good spring cleaning? You owe it to yourself to refresh your mental and physical health after the long winter season, and it can be simple to achieve with the right approach. There are several ways to ensure you start yourself off towards a healthy and happy season.

Give your Diet a Refresh

Over the winter, our diet can take quite the hit, with the abundance of food-heavy and candy-centered holidays being a major contributing factor. Take a step back and look at your diet with an honest view: Are you relying too much on fast food? Do you partake in too many sugary beverages or unhealthy snacks? Start by reorganizing your pantry to get rid of the sweets or high-sodium products. Sticking to a diet is much easier when the temptations are out of reach. With the better weather also comes more in-season produce that provide tons of flavor and nutrition to your meals. Not to mention the beautiful array of colors is enough to make any meal Instagram-worthy! If you’re up for more of a diet challenge, try going wheat free for a month. Wheat has an appetite-stimulating property that can hinder your ability to lose those last few winter pounds you’ve been trying to shed.

Schedule Doctor Appointments

Many people will only visit a doctor when they don’t feel well, and with this winter’s abundance of flu cases and viruses, it can feel like you visited the doctor often. But it is important to visit your doctor simply for a wellness visit each year to monitor for any potential health issues. Depending on your age and risk factors, you may require certain screenings, such as a colonoscopy, pap test, and more. This is also a great time to get back to your dentist, gynecologist, or dermatologist, as well, as these annual checkups are just as vital to your overall health.

Get Outside

This tip seems obvious when we’ve been cooped up inside all winter long. The sunshine and warmer temperatures beckon us to get outside, but at times it can feel difficult to fit in between work and errands. However, getting outside should be added to your list of priorities, as nature can lower your blood pressure and stress. Even allowing yourself just 10 minutes of sunshine per day helps your body produce Vitamin D, which can help prevent osteoporosis, heart disease, and even some types of cancer. You can turn this outside time into an enjoyable hobby through exercise, like hiking and biking. If you don’t mind the dirt, start a garden in your yard with flowers you enjoy or even grow your own healthy produce.

Refresh Your Workout

Being stuck indoors for a workout can be limiting, so if you stayed motivated enough to keep moving through the winter, you may feel stuck in a workout rut. Take your run outside through the park or hike a new trail. Join a boot camp-style class or sign up for a fun, new 5k race. Call your friends to get them involved, as well, so you can enjoy some more social time during your workouts. Be sure to evaluate your workout gear, too. Running shoes are only good for so many miles before they lose vital support, and your bike may need a quick tune-up at the local shop before you hit the trails.

Clean Up the Clutter

Generally, when we go to clean up things we don’t need, we go to our closet or dresser to find the clothes we may not have touched for years, or the kids’ toys that are gathering dust. While this cleaning is useful, there are a few places you may not have thought to look. Go through your medicine cabinet and get rid of old or expired medications. If you have a potent prescription that is no longer needed, look into take-back programs for proper disposal. If you wear makeup, go through your collection and throw out anything old, especially if it has been longer than a year. In your kitchen, go through your spice rack. Many spices only get used occasionally, leaving them to sit for long periods of time. Spices will lose their potency the older they get, so replace them with smaller quantities when needed to eliminate waste.

Do Things for You

It is easy to put yourself at the bottom of a long to-do list, but it is important to your physical and mental well-being to do things for you. Learn easy ways to de-stress, whether through daily meditation or breathing exercises. Enjoy lounging in front of the TV each night? Make it more beneficial by watching educational shows that stimulate thought and conversation, and perhaps partake in some exercising or stretching during commercial breaks. Keep yourself out of the digital world for at least a little bit each day and take in the little things around you. Create a better sleep routine for yourself to ensure you are getting the benefits of a good night’s rest. At work, organize your email inbox and stay off the conference calls. If you need to conduct a meeting, try to do it in person if possible, or walk to a coworker’s desk instead of calling them to discuss a topic.

Spring cleaning is an important task for both your home and yourself. For any concerns regarding your health, contact us today. Our professional and caring staff will help you on your path toward wellness, both inside and out.

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