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Start Your Child’s Summer off Right with a Physical Exam

Jun 5, 2023

Start Your Child’s Summer off Right with a Physical Exam

With summertime in full swing, parents and kids alike are gearing up for another season of fun in the sun. Whether it’s joining a junior sports league or heading off to sleepaway camp, it’s likely that your child will need documentation of a physical exam prior to the start of the camp or sports team to ensure your child is healthy enough to participate in the program’s activities. Read on to learn about the benefits of an annual physical exam and what to expect from your child’s next physical.

Benefits of an annual physical exam

Physical exams are typically conducted every 12 months for children and adults, although they can be conducted more frequently if deemed necessary by a health care provider. The goal of a physical exam is to evaluate the child’s overall health and wellness, as well as to detect any potential underlying symptoms of disease or illness. A child’s annual physical exam helps parents stay informed on how their child is developing physically and take note of any potential medical issues or risks. Annual physical exams also give health care providers the information they need to best advise parents on how to improve their child’s overall health, such as adjusting the child’s medications or recommending specific changes to their diet and exercise habits.

What to expect during a physical exam

When coming in for your child’s physical exam appointment, it’s important to bring the forms provided by the team or camp for the medical staff to fill out. During the exam, medical staff will perform a variety of physical assessments based on the child’s age, gender and current medical needs, including:

  • Measurements of current height and weight
  • Documentation of vital signs such as body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure
  • Review of personal and family medical history, as well as recent immunizations and sleeping habits
  • Evaluation of pulse, posture, flexibility and joints, as well as analyzing your child’s vision and hearing
  • Comprehensive assessment of eyes, nose, ears, lungs and heart

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