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Finding a Balance Between Self-Care and Healthcare

Jun 12, 2023

Finding a Balance Between Self-Care and Healthcare

When it comes to your health, a combination of regular checkups with a healthcare professional and routine self-care habits is essential. Contrary to the idea that self-care alone can ensure your physical and mental health, staying on top of your health screenings and consulting with healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurse practitioners and mental health specialists are paramount to maintaining your overall health. Read on to learn the difference between self-care and healthcare, and why maintaining a balance between the two is crucial to proper health management.


Self-care means the habits and actions you take to preserve and improve your overall health. This can include your diet, exercise habits and stress management techniques, among other things. Whether it’s making sure to load your plate with veggies and healthy grains, maintaining a daily exercise routine or doing a mindfulness meditation each morning before work, a strong self-care routine can help ensure a balanced physical and emotional wellness in your day-to-day life.


Healthcare, or medical care, encompasses all forms of care provided by a licensed health professional such as a primary care doctor, psychiatrist, physical therapist, dentist or other specialist. Common healthcare services include a yearly physical exam, routine teeth cleaning, a mental health appointment or a consultation with a dietician.

When you are feeling unwell, either physically or mentally, it can be hard to determine the type of care you need. That’s why it’s important to speak with a healthcare professional who has the training and expertise to diagnose you and develop a treatment plan that works for your specific health needs.

Finding a healthy balance

The key to healthy living is striking a balance between practicing regular self-care and working with licensed healthcare providers. For example, if you are experiencing anxiety, it may seem like the best course of action is to try mindfulness meditation or controlled breathing exercises to reduce your anxiety. However, in addition to those self-care strategies, it may be in your best interest to consult with a mental health expert who can help you further manage your anxiety through medication or therapy. Likewise, if you are experiencing symptoms of a cold or flu, it’s best to get a diagnosis from a doctor or nurse practitioner to determine the best treatment plan, as opposed to simply trying to treat your symptoms with OTC cold and flu medications.

It can be difficult to know when self-care or healthcare is needed, but it is best to err on the side of caution and consult with a healthcare professional in situations when you are unsure of what steps to take.

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