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Coughs & Colds: Odd Remedies from Around the World

Mar 18, 2019

Coughs & Colds: Odd Remedies from Around the World 

Having a cold and cough can be miserable, and sometimes, you feel like you’d try anything for some relief. Sure there are medicines available, but taking too many can be dangerous, they may not be as effective as we hope, or there may be other health factors prohibiting an individual from taking them. This problem is one that has affected people all over the world and because of that, some odd, at-home remedies for coughs and colds have been created, a few of which may actually help.

Gogol Mogol

Gogol mogol is a hot drink that is egg yolk whisked together with honey or sugar, then poured into milk that has been heated with unsalted butter. Adults have also enjoyed this with added rum or cognac. While the effectiveness is up for debate, it is possible the egg helps coat the throat to make it feel less scratchy. Plus, hot milk has tryptophan that may help you sleep.

Lizard Soup

For those who follow Chinese herbal medicine remedies, eating a bowl of lizard soup follows the same idea westerners believe regarding chicken noodle. However, this soup recipe includes yams, Chinese dates, and – yes – dried lizards simmered together in water. It’s not clear what difference this particular recipe may actually make, but soup is generally a good idea as it helps the body replace lost fluids and loosen mucus.

Hot Cocoa

Good news, chocolate lovers! Theobromine, an ingredient in cocoa, was found to be more effective than codeine in suppressing a cough. The study on this was small, so take from it what you will, but if you’re going to try it, make a cup with low-fat milk and dark chocolate (at least 70% cacao) to reap the benefit of the antioxidants. Plus, just like Gogol mogul, the hot milk can help with sleep.


This vegetable is good all around, as it provides healthy vitamins C, A and B. It’s common in Iran to eat these cooked and mashed as it is believed to act as an expectorant, helping loosen mucus and quiet a cough.


Honey is great for helping coat a scratchy throat to ease an irritating, persistent cough. This should only be provided to adults or older children as it can lead to botulism in infants.

Vitamin C

Ensuring you have plenty of vitamin C is more of a preventative measure to help you reduce the overall duration of a cold should you come down with one. Adults can try to increase their vitamin C intake during an illness, and it may help fight it off, but it isn’t necessarily a guarantee, but vitamins aren’t a bad thing, so give it a try!

Brandy (or Whiskey, Scotch, Rum…)

Back in the days of prohibition, it was actually common for whiskey and brandy to be prescribed by physicians as a way to get around the law legally, but these have been long believed to provide medicinal benefits. Many folks from older generations still believe the alcohol can help with several different ailments, coughs being one of them. Of course, don’t try this remedy with those underage, and use in moderation – it’s for medicine, not happy hour!

There are countless home remedies that have been passed down through generations, some that may truly provide relief, and others that may be more in your head. As long as what you’re trying is safe and makes you feel better in some way, it is always worth a shot.

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