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5 Secrets to Healthy Aging

Sep 27, 2021

5 Secrets to Healthy Aging

Let’s talk about something we all do: aging. Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean having a slew of medical conditions or poor quality of life. In fact, these years can be very rewarding, and you can still remain both physically and mentally healthy as you grow older. This is what is referred to as healthy aging.

What Does Healthy Aging Really Mean?

When most people hear the term healthy aging, they imagine sporting an athletic body and looking 20 in their advanced years. However, healthy aging is not about trying to look younger. It’s about living your best life while maintaining and improving your physical and mental health to be able to do and enjoy what you value most in life. It’s important to note that being free from disease is not a requirement for aging gracefully. There are many older adults with one or more health conditions, but these are well controlled and have little influence on their wellbeing.

So, how can you make aging a healthier process?

Secrets to Healthy Ageing

Everyone can enjoy healthy aging, and the following science-backed tips can point you in the right direction.

1.    Exercise and Physical Activity

Regular exercise has huge health benefits and is key to healthy aging. Simple activities like walking your dog, gardening, or jogging are enough to help you remain physically active.

2.    Mind Your Diet

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends fruits and vegetables, and lean protein, such as beans and fish. Also, avoid fast foods and keep your salt intake to a minimum to keep your blood pressure down.

3.    Get Enough Sleep

A good night’s sleep is good for your body and boosts your physical and mental health. Enough sleep helps reduce stress, lower the risk of heart disease and improve focus and concentration.

4.    Participate in Activities You Enjoy

Hobbies, social and leisure activities keep you engaged and help you maintain a sense of purpose. Research actually shows that people who engage in these are happier, have lower levels of depression, and live longer.

5.    Schedule Regular Medical Checkups

Regular medical checkups can help your doctor find any problems early or even before they start. Annual wellness checks are part of keeping in ideal physical health, as well as preventing or managing certain conditions.

At Midwest Express Clinic, we offer many services to help promote healthy aging for our patients. Contact us today to learn more about our services and healthy aging.

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