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Summer Fun While Social Distancing

Jun 15, 2020

Summer Fun While Social Distancing

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and more events are cancelled or postponed, the summer of 2020 is definitely shaping up to be much different than we’ve ever seen. Even with businesses opening their doors once again, there are still rules in place that can make us feel as though the fun is being taken away. While this summer may not be traditional, there’s still plenty of fun to be had while social distancing.

It’s Time to Get Outside

The wonderful, summertime weather is beckoning us to get outside, and with the right precautions, can still be enjoyed. Carnivals, concerts, festivals, and more may be off the table, but you can still have some fun in the sun.

  • Enjoy the Water in Your Own Backyard: Public pools and splash pads may not be available, but if you have the yard space available, make the most of it with your own water fun. Cool off the old-fashioned way with yard sprinklers, have some fun on the slip ‘n’ slide, toss around some water balloons, or invest in an inflatable pool or other water toy to enjoy.
  • Go Camping: Some parks are open for camping, which is an easy activity to do alone or with family while keeping your distance from others. If there’s nothing close, or you don’t have the time for a road trip, set up the tent in the backyard and enjoy a night under the stars. You can even enjoy some s’mores by the fire pit and campfire stories by flashlight.
  • Create Your Own Garden: Test out your green thumb and create your own garden. Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables while saving money on fresh produce, or grow a cutting garden that will ensure you always have fresh, beautiful flowers to decorate your home.
  • Plan a Scavenger Hunt for the Kids: Create a scavenger hunt for your kids to easily do outside at home. You can make it as difficult or easy as needed based on the child’s age and skill level – just make sure everything is actually able to be found within the yard or determined hunting area!

Have Fun Indoors

Whether there’s a summer storm in the forecast, or it’s just too hot to get outside, there’s plenty of fun and creative activities you can do alone or with family.

  • Learn How or Improve Your Cooking: There are so many great and creative recipes to try online – discover something new! Always wanted to learn how to bake and decorate a cake? Ready to try your hand at making your own sushi? If you have the ingredients, some time, and the instructions, go for it! If there are children in the house, make it a family activity by involving them in the process and just have fun with it.
  • Have a Game Night: Dust off the old board games and have a little friendly competition with the family! Even if you live alone, game nights are easy thanks to technology. You can play classic board games over video chats, try online games like the Jackbox Party Pack, or play a cooperative or battle royale video game.
  • Go Virtual Sightseeing: While many museums or places of interest may still be closed, many are offering virtual tours. Enjoy various cultural sites, zoos, aquariums, and more from all over the world while in your own home.
  • Read a New Book: Few things are as relaxing as enjoying a new book while curled up on the couch during a rainy day. Find an interesting read online to have shipped to you, or there are plenty of options available for digital purchase to read on your smart device.

With a little creativity, there is plenty to do this summer, even with social distancing rules in place. It’s important to keep you and your family safe, as well as help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our dedicated staff at Midwest Express Clinic is here to help you stay well so you can enjoy this unique summer season to the fullest. If you have questions about the coronavirus, or need help with an illness or non-emergency injury, contact us or visit one of our convenient locations today.

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