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4 Reasons to Prioritize Your Sexual Health

Aug 7, 2023

4 Reasons to Prioritize Your Sexual Health

In today’s fast-paced world, it is easy to overlook the significance of sexual health. However, taking proactive steps to practice safe sex and prioritize routine testing for sexually transmitted infections is vital to maintaining the health and wellness of both you and your partner. Read on to find out the top four reasons why you should make your sexual health a top priority.

  1. Protecting your personal well-being

Making sexual health a priority means valuing one’s own well-being. Regular testing for sexually transmitted infections plays a pivotal role in preventing and detecting potential infections early on. Many STIs exhibit little to no visible symptoms, making them easy to overlook. By getting tested regularly, individuals can identify and treat STIs promptly, reducing the risk of complications such as infertility and chronic diseases.

  1. Promoting healthy relationships

 Prioritizing sexual health is not only about personal well-being; it also contributes to fostering healthy relationships. Open and honest communication about sexual health and STIs helps establish trust and respect between partners. By making routine STI testing a shared responsibility, couples can proactively address any potential risks together. This mutual commitment to prioritizing sexual health can also help create a foundation of honesty and intimacy that further strengthens the relationship.

  1. Preventing the spread of STIs

Regular STI testing has significant implications for public health. By getting tested, individuals help prevent the spread of infections within their communities. Many STIs can be transmitted even if there are no visible symptoms, making routine testing crucial for early detection and treatment. Prioritizing sexual health helps break the cycle of STI transmission, which helps protect the community at large.

  1. Reducing the stigma surrounding STIs

Another important reason to prioritize sexual health and routine STI testing is to combat the stigma associated with STIs. Normalizing routine STI testing and encouraging open conversations about sexual health can help promote a culture of acceptance, support and understanding. Proactively seeking testing encourages others to do the same, destigmatizing the issue and fostering an environment where people feel comfortable addressing their sexual health concerns without fear of judgment. This collective effort contributes to combating the shame often attached to STIs, creating a more inclusive and informed society.

Prioritizing sexual health and routine testing for STIs is a responsible choice that benefits individuals, relationships and the wider community. Visit Midwest Express Clinic for quick, discreet and accurate STI testing, available seven days a week at all clinic locations. To find a clinic nearest you, visit

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