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For Non-Emergency Care, Ditch the ER Waiting Room

Mar 29, 2024

For Non-Emergency Care, Ditch the ER Waiting Room

When it comes to getting immediate medical attention, many patients turn to the emergency room. However, the ER often comes with long waiting times and can be an overwhelming environment for non-emergency care. At Midwest Express Clinic, we offer an alternative with a wide range of services that cater to most non-emergency conditions, with shorter wait times and a more relaxed atmosphere. Read on to find out more about the diverse range of medical services our clinics have to offer.

Urgent Care Services

Urgent care serves as an immediate option for those who need prompt medical care without the critical nature of an ER visit. Patients can turn to Midwest Express Clinic Urgent Care for various healthcare needs including minor injuries, non-emergency illnesses and non-invasive medical procedures.

For cuts, sprains, minor fractures or burns, our clinics provide quality care and can often expedite the healing process with less waiting time. For non-emergency illnesses, we offer diagnosis and treatment services for a variety of conditions including the common cold, flu, pink eye, food poisoning and skin rashes. For patients in need of non-invasive medical services, our experienced medical professionals are equipped to handle common procedures such as skin tag removal, wart removal, ear irrigation and cyst removal.

Preventive Care Services

Regular checkups are crucial for maintaining overall health. Extending beyond urgent care, our 40+ locations in Northwest Indiana and Illinois can help you monitor your overall health with annual wellness exams and school and sports physicals.

Diagnostic and Imaging Services

Accurate diagnosis is key to effective treatment, and our urgent care provides essential diagnostic services such as on-site lab testing and X-ray imaging. From blood tests to urinalysis, our medical professionals have the tools and expertise necessary for prompt and accurate diagnostics. If an injury or symptoms require imaging, our clinics offer X-ray services to swiftly identify the issue and develop a treatment plan. To ensure that our techs are ready to assist you when you arrive, we kindly request that you call ahead for X-ray availability.

Workplace Wellness

Our clinics serve the business community by offering occupational health services. These services include workers’ compensation injury care, in which we can assist with the evaluation and treatment of work-related injuries to help employees return to work as soon as possible. Employers can also send their employees to one of our convenient locations for efficient and discreet drug testing services, including standard drug panels and specialized tests.

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