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Essential Tips For Healthy Aging

Sep 28, 2020

Essential Tips for Healthy Aging

Aging is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to mean we can no longer participate in our favorite activities or lose our independence. You’ve experienced a lot, and getting older should mean you are living your best life – and enjoying every minute of it. By taking care of your body and mind, you can help yourself age in a healthy, graceful fashion.

Make Healthy Choices

What you eat and drink plays a large role in your overall health. Regular, daily servings of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, and water help ensure your body is running efficiently with the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Those who follow a healthy diet have been found to live longer and have a lower risk of potentially serious health problems, like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. Even for those who have a chronic condition, you can help manage it and prevent complications by following a healthy diet.

Along with a healthy diet, be sure to quit any unhealthy habits, such as smoking. By quitting smoking, you decrease your risk of heart attack, stroke, and developing certain cancers and other diseases. Plus, you will help protect loved ones from dangerous second-hand smoke.

Stay Active

Not only does physical activity keep you healthy, but it can also help prevent, delay, or manage chronic disease. While going for a jog or hitting the gym are great options, it doesn’t need to be that intense to reap the benefits. Simply doing a moderate activity, such as walking, for 22 to 30 minutes per day, and a muscle-strengthening activity, like carrying groceries, two days per week is all you need. Regular activity will also help you improve balance and stamina, reduce your risk of falls, and improve your overall brain health.

Keep Up with Medical Visits

Regular check-ups are essential for people of any age, but even more so as you age. Preventative visits with your doctor can help prevent or diagnose disease, especially in early stages when treatments would be more effective. Your physician will determine what health screenings and tests you may need, as well as discuss with you what changes you can make in your life for a healthy future. During your exams, your doctor will also want to discuss your family history to determine your risk of any age-related health concerns or chronic conditions.

Stay Aware of Brain Health

Your brain changes as you age, and taking care of your brain and mental health is important. While some changes are normal, others could point to dementia. This type of cognitive decline is not normal, and you may experience problems with language, memory, attention, recognition, problem solving, and daily decision making. There are other health conditions that could have similar symptoms to dementia, so discussing any concerns you have with your doctor will help provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Following other recommended healthy habits, such as eating healthy, staying physically active, and managing blood pressure, will also help you maintain your brain health.

As you age, taking care of yourself helps ensure you will continue to live a long and happy life. Visit one of our convenient Midwest Express Clinic locations today for your routine health exam, required lab testing, and more. We’ll help guide you on the path to healthy aging so you can continue enjoying the things you love.

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