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Men’s Health Month

Jun 1, 2020

Men’s Health Month

Proper healthcare is essential for everyone, but men in particular tend to avoid routine exams and even emergency medical attention. A study by the Cleveland Clinic found in some startling statistics in 2019: 72% of men would rather do household chores than visit the doctor; 65% avoided going to the doctor for as long as possible; and 37% withheld information from their doctor as they felt they were unprepared for a potential diagnosis. Men’s Health Month, celebrated every June, aims to change this thought behavior and bring awareness to the highly-preventable health problems men more commonly face.

Why Men Avoid the Doctor

Many health conditions experienced by men are either preventable or easily treatable. However, healthcare workers have found some common reasons as to why men choose to forego medical treatment. Some men may be worried that visiting the doctor when experiencing a health concern will result in a bad outcome. Others who have what is referred to as “superhero syndrome” believe they are strong and can handle things without a doctor, seeing medical treatment as a form of weakness. Vulnerability is also a big factor with men, as they do not wish to discuss sensitive health issues with their doctor, such as erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, this avoidance of medical help prevents men from receiving treatments that could eliminate many issues altogether.

The Importance of Men’s Healthcare

As with any health condition, early diagnosis is vital for proper treatment. When men choose to delay or forego medical exams, they may miss otherwise preventable or treatable issues. Potentially dangerous problems like diabetes or prostate cancer have the best outcomes when found early. Some doctors have found that when symptoms are ignored or routine medical visits are delayed, many otherwise treatable conditions become too advanced for treatment, or result in worse consequences like dialysis, amputation, or death.

Making Men’s Health a Priority

While younger generations are beginning to shift their focus and understand the importance of healthcare, there are still many men who are ignoring their personal health. With loved ones, encourage one another to visit the doctor. Schedule appointments together so you can both go at once for the regular screenings you each need. Understand that your physician is there to help without judgement, and routine exams and symptom checks are absolutely essential to your overall health. Being more open about your health will help you live a longer, happier life, and encouraging others will help them do the same.

Getting Your Routine Health Exam

Whether it’s been a while since you’ve had a routine medical exam, or you are experiencing symptoms that have you concerned, don’t wait. Use this Men’s Health Month as an opportunity to take control of your personal health. Visit any of the convenient Midwest Express Clinic locations today for an easy, confidential, and comprehensive medical exam. Our medical professionals will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health. Don’t put yourself at risk out of fear or with a belief your symptoms will just go away on their own – get your exam today!

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