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National Self-Check Month

Feb 13, 2019

National Self-Check Month

Many people tend to wait to seek medical care until there’s a problem present, or push things off because a check-up doesn’t fit into their busy schedules. However, the first step to preventing certain health conditions or getting ahead of chronic disease is by performing self-checks or going to the doctor for a wellness exam. This February, we want to encourage everyone to be proactive with their personal health during National Self-Check Month.

Observing Self-Check Month

As the name suggests, you can observe National Self-Check Month by doing routine self-checks and visit a healthcare provider for a regular wellness check. When visiting a doctor, it is important to take control of your health by getting the answers you need. The organization Self Chec offers a list of questions to ask during your yearly visit that allow you to participate, gain valuable insight, and discuss solutions to any discovered risks.

Early Detection Self-Checks

There are many self-checks that can be performed for both men and women. Knowing your own body can help better detect cancer, heart problems, diabetes, and obesity, allowing you to have more informed conversations with your physician and more effective treatment plans.

Areas that men should perform self-checks include:

Areas that women should perform self-checks include:

Preventing Disease

Along with self-checks, there are many ways you can help prevent disease by practicing healthy habits. It is important to stop smoking, exercise regularly, eat healthy, use sun protection, consume less alcohol, practice safe sex, lose weight if necessary, and lower your stress level. Not only will these healthy habits help prevent chronic disease and conditions, but will also help you feel better overall.

If you are in need of a wellness check, or have performed a self-check and found something questionable, visit us today.

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