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Think You Might Be Pregnant? Testing Offered at Midwest Express Clinic

Nov 4, 2019

Think You Might Be Pregnant? Testing Offered at Midwest Express Clinic

Pregnancy TestingIf you are thinking about starting or adding to your family, pregnancy testing is the first step in ensuring you begin this exciting adventure with the medical care you need. Seeing a doctor for a urine or blood pregnancy test offers a definitive way to confirm a home pregnancy test, especially if there is a chance of having a false-positive result.

Know what to expect

Whether you’re a first-time mom-to-be or not, staying focused on your health is important. Your doctor will want to know about your medical history and any health issues you are experiencing. At your first prenatal physical exam, your doctor will check your blood pressure, as well as your height and weight. Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce any possible risks during your pregnancy.

Prioritize prenatal care

Maintain scheduled visits with your doctor. Plan on having at least one visit every four weeks, especially during your first trimester. Be sure to discuss any symptoms you’re experiencing, because your body will be going through a variety of changes. Mood swings, fatigue and nausea are common during the first 12 weeks. If you have severe symptoms, such as dizziness, abdominal pain or excess bleeding, contact your doctor for immediate attention.

Check on your baby

A first trimester ultrasound is recommended between six and nine weeks of your pregnancy. It helps your doctor better determine an estimated due date and gives you the first chance to hear your baby’s heartbeat. Depending on when you have your first ultrasound, you should be able to see more identifiable features of your baby’s development, such as facial form, arms and legs. During your second trimester, your doctor will have the opportunity to reveal the sex of your baby, based on its position during the exam.

Midwest Express Clinic offers pregnancy testing and first-trimester prenatal medical care for up to 12 weeks, including ultrasounds. Our medical professionals provide urgent care services if you experience a non-emergency condition at any time during your pregnancy. We are here to serve you and your baby with walk-in access and scheduled appointments at convenient times and a location near you.


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