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Questions to Ask Your Doctor During an Annual Exam

Jan 17, 2022

Questions to Ask Your Doctor During an Annual Exam

Your annual physicalannual exam questions is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Unfortunately, many people skip their exam. They might be too busy, don’t feel sick or simply aren’t sure what to ask their provider. Despite these reasons, everyone should get an annual exam. Think of your body as a car and the provider the mechanic. If you aren’t sure what to ask, try these basic questions to get you started.

Is what I have normal?

All those pains, symptoms or body marks you are worried about: Now is your chance to put those fears to rest. Your provider has seen everything and can tell you if what you are feeling is something to be concerned about. Basic vital information will be collected: height, weight, blood pressure, etc. With that information, including your family history and lifestyle choices and habits, the provider can tell you if your nagging health issue should be looked into further.

Do I need any immunizations?

Immunizations are incredibly important. They protect you and the people around you. However, it can be difficult keeping track of all the immunizations you have had since birth. Thankfully, your primary care provider takes care of that for you. They will either have your immunization history on file or do a blood test to figure out which vaccinations you might already have. You may end up needing booster shots for certain vaccines, such as tetanus and diphtheria, which you wouldn’t know about if you didn’t go to the doctor.

What should I be doing to preserve my health?

Your provider can tell you if there are conditions you are at risk for, based on current health outlook, family history and lifestyle choices. In the age of the internet, too many voices telling you about your health can be frustrating. Seeing your doctor about health choices can cut through the noise. For example, the provider can give tips on how to quit smoking, recommend exercises for bad knees or suggest a specialist.

When should I come back for another visit?

Sometimes, one exam every year is not enough. There may be underlying conditions that require follow-ups or other reasons for needing more than one exam a year. More frequent visits may be needed depending on your general health and test results. Your provider can tell you, based on your circumstances and health and their preferences, whether you should come in more often.

Annual checkups are not at the top of everyone’s list. They might require a few hours away from work or your family. However, they are one of the best tools you have to live a long and healthy life. These questions are a good jumping off point, but don’t be afraid to ask the doctor anything you may be concerned about. They have heard it all and it is their job to help.

At Midwest Express Clinic, we know how valuable your time is. Our experienced providers are more than happy to discuss any health problems. Check in online at your closest location to see a provider today.

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