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STD Awareness Month: Take Action to Prevent Spread

Apr 2, 2020

STD Awareness Month: Take Action to Prevent Spread

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infections (STIs) have been a big threat to health for a very long time. It is vital to be proactive in preventing, testing, and treating these diseases for your overall health as well as others’. During STD Awareness Month, talk about what STDs are, the impact they can have on your life, and why testing and treatment are so important.

The Danger of Undiagnosed & Untreated STDs

While most STDs and STIs are curable, cases that are left untreated can pose a host of complications. In recent years, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis have been making a comeback, leading to:

Some people with STDs and STIs will exhibit symptoms that signal there’s a problem. However, there are many cases that won’t present symptoms but are still contagious, making it very easy to infect others.

Take Control of Your Health

Because STD testing is not standard in general wellness checks, it’s important to be direct with your healthcare provider in requesting tests. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is encouraging people to take action this month with the following:

  • Get Yourself Tested: Because these diseases can have a big impact on the lives of younger people, it’s important to get tested and encourage friends and partners to do the same. It’s also important to be educated so you can separate the facts from the rumors about STDs.
  • Test. Treat.: Talking about sex isn’t always easy for some. This specific campaign from the CDC encourages being open and honest about sexual health with both your sexual partner and physician. By speaking openly, your doctor can recommend certain tests and provide necessary treatment, and your partner can do the same.
  • Syphilis Strikes Back: Although syphilis is a risk for anyone, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment is particularly vital for pregnant women, newborn babies, and gay and bisexual men. These groups have seen the biggest increase in syphilis infections, so it’s important to do your part to reduce the numbers.
  • Treat Me Right: It’s important to have trust in your healthcare provider while also understanding how to be in control of your own personal health. Sexual health can be difficult to talk about, but if you have a physician you trust, these conversations can be much simpler.

When you are ready to get tested, visit a Midwest Express Clinic location today. We offer discreet, accurate, and professional STD testing to ensure you get the answers you need. During this year’s STD Awareness Month, take control of your sexual health.

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