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Stress and Spring Cleaning

Apr 3, 2019

Stress and Spring Cleaning

As the weather improves and nature blooms back into life, a sense of renewal drives us to declutter our homes and lives. Unfortunately, for many, cleaning and reorganizing feels more like an obligation than a healthy necessity, but decluttering can truly do wonders for stress. Whether it’s cleaning out your closet, disposing of outdated documents, or sorting through emotions, help get rid of your stress with some spring cleaning.

How Spring Cleaning Can Alleviate Stress

It’s difficult to avoid stress in life, but giving ourselves a space to relax from it all can help us reset. When you walk into your home, if there are dirty dishes piling up in the kitchen, laundry piles that need folding in the bedroom, and just general clutter everywhere can make you feel tense and overwhelmed. Keeping up with general cleaning is important, but performing more extensive organization by donating or throwing away unnecessary items will help these tasks become easier.

Another big cause of stress for many is money, but cleaning can actually help you save. If you aren’t organized, finding things you need can be difficult. Losing bills can result in extra fees, misplaced items may have you purchasing duplicates, and a dirty kitchen will have you eating out more often. Cleaning gives everything its own space and will have you feeling much more comfortable in your own space. Plus, if you have great items you don’t use anymore, you may be able to make a little extra money by hosting a yard sale or selling your items online.

Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Cleaning doesn’t always have to be a boring chore. Make it fun by turning up your favorite music and have your own in-home concert and dance party. Also, cleaning can be a great source of exercise, so think of it as getting two things done at once! If you have stairs in your home, going up and down provides some cardio while carrying items from room to room can help with weight training. Scrubbing floors and windows helps burn calories and even release endorphins, naturally helping you alleviate stress.

Don’t Forget to Spring Clean Your Mind

While physically cleaning is necessary, taking care of our own minds is just as essential. Stress can hurt our overall well-being if not addressed properly, so making a conscious effort to improve our lives will help in the long run. Reflect on recent reactions and feelings you’ve had in your life and eliminate any negative mindset you have. Let go of old grudges and bitterness you have towards others. There’s no benefit to hanging onto things as all these feelings do is drag you down.

Take the time to also think about your personal schedule. If you always have the excuse of being too busy, perhaps it’s time to clear out your obligations, or learn to prioritize better. No one can do everything at once, so even if you are unable to get anything off your plate, take the time to organize your schedule in a way that gives you at least some personal time to yourself every day.

When done with the right goals and mindset, spring cleaning can be more beneficial than simply clearing your home of excess dust. While it can do wonders against stress, if you still feel like you can’t shake negative feelings or are unable to relax, reach out to us today.

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