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Supplements (Backed by Science) that May Improve Your Anxiety

Oct 11, 2021

Supplements (Backed by Science) that May Improve Your Anxiety

Everyone feels some anxiety throughout their lives.

However, too much anxiety can lead to health complications, not to mention a lower quality of life. Jobs, relationships, kids, and the world at large can feel overwhelming many days. The idea of using an over-the-counter supplement may seem appealing, but be careful.

Medications are monitored and approved by the FDA; herbal and natural supplements are not. It is always a good idea to speak to a healthcare provider first about your anxiety. Midwest Express Clinic’s providers are more than happy to speak to patients about their anxiety and may refer you to a behavioral health specialist or provide medications.

Still, there are supplements that have been shown to work and are safe.

Lemon Balm

This herb contains a chemical called terpene which is thought to create a relaxing effect. A study in the Mediterranean Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism found that 70% of the participants who used lemon balm for two weeks found a strong reduction in anxiety.

You can use lemon balm in either capsule form or as a tea. Take 500 milligrams one to two times a day as a pill or steep one teaspoon in hot water twice a day.


This familiar herb not only smells great, but it has been shown to reduce anxiety. One study in Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggested that taking lavender reduced mild anxiety the same amount as popular anti-anxiety medications.

However, we don’t suggest ingested lavender. It can cause side effects, such as constipation and headaches. Use lavender in your bath or during aromatherapy.


Magnesium has been shown time and time again to help treat mild anxiety. The journal Nutrients reviewed 18 studies and concluded that 100 to 350 milligrams of daily magnesium intake helped reduce anxiety.

Don’t want to ingest magnesium? No problem. Simply soak in an Epsom salt bath two to three times a week. A study from the Epsom Salt Council showed that doing this increased the participant’s magnesium levels naturally in their blood.

Fish Oil

Fish oil has been used for numerous benefits, but one of the major ones is reducing anxiety and even improving symptoms of moderate depression. The secret is the omega-3 fatty acids in the fish oil. JAMA Psychiatry looked at 19 clinical trials and concluded that people who took 2,000 grams of fish oil a day had improvements in their anxiety levels.

There are many brands of fish oil, but we suggest picking one that passed Consumer Lab’s testing.

Remember that these supplements are not a cure-all for anxiety. One may work for you while another won’t. Try each supplement one at a time for a few weeks to test the effects. If your anxiety is still high then don’t worry. Make an appointment with a Midwest Express Clinic provider to go over your options for lowering your anxiety.

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