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Surprising and Weird Health Facts

Feb 24, 2020

Surprising and Weird Health Facts

weird and surprising Health Facts

The human body is a complex and beautiful thing. No matter how small, each part provides us with function or vital support. With that complexity, there are some strange and surprising things the human body is capable of or experiences that make us unique.

A Fetus can Cure a Mother’s Heart

A study that observed pregnant women with peripartum cardiomyopathy noticed a high rate of recovery from heart failure. Researchers “tagged” fetal cells with a green fluorescent protein for easier identification. They were able to find that fetal stem cells were selectively traveling to the mother’s heart and transforming into cardiac cells to actually repair the injury.

Red Heads Experience Pain Differently

Studies have found that natural red heads experience pain differently, making their treatments and procedures unique. Generally, they require about 20% more anesthesia for sedation, and more local topical anesthetics like lidocaine or Novocain to feel any effect. However, they need lower doses of pain-killers like opioids. It’s still not quite clear why this is, but it’s possible their brains are hardwired to process pain differently than everyone else.

Gut Feeling: Your Brain & Gut Actually Do Communicate

Research has discovered that the brain and gut do “talk” to one another, referred to as the “gut-brain axis.” This “talking” helps us ensure we take proper care of our gastrointestinal system, but also is likely to influence motivation and higher cognitive functions.

Poop Transplants are Real – And They Actually Work

Your gut has a lot going on, and keeping it balanced with the right bacteria and microbiomes helps overall health. For certain infections and conditions, receiving a solution of fecal matter from a donor has been found to be a positive influence on the recipient’s gut, promoting health and healing.

Don’t Rely on Smell to Wake You

A study from Brown University discovered that once we are fully asleep, we essentially “lose” our sense of smell. While this seems like an odd thing to research, it’s important to note in the event of a fire that you probably won’t smell the smoke. Sounds are generally able to wake us up, so make sure smoke detectors are functioning in your home.

We Share a lot of DNA with Cats

There is a lot that goes into human DNA that makes us, well, human. But we also share a lot of the same genetic codes as various animals and organisms. In 2005, studies found we were 96% genetically similar to chimpanzees. While monkeys seem like an obvious distant relative, more surprisingly, we share a large percentage of genes with cats. In fact, 90% of the genes in Abyssinian domestic cats are similar to our own. No wonder we love cat videos so much!

Your Tongue is Unique

In the search for a new, secure, personal identification method, researchers have found that the tongue is unique to each person. Much like a fingerprint, each one has its own color, shape, and surface feature. Although it may be difficult to use this as an identification tool for health reasons, (who wants to lick everything?) it could become a great tool for forensics scientists.

The human body is truly amazing. In order for our bodies to show off what they are truly capable of, it’s important to treat it well and stay healthy. Eating healthy, being physically active, and getting regular health check-ups are all vital. If you need help with a non-emergency illness or injury, or simply haven’t had a physical exam in a while, visit one of the convenient Midwest Express Clinic locations today.

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