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Talk It Out: The Benefits of Speaking Regularly with a Therapist

Jun 20, 2022

Talk It Out: The Benefits of Speaking Regularly with a Therapist

We all deal with daily stresses and challenges, some more difficult than others, and while we can’t always avoid them, we don’t have to deal with them alone. Sometimes opening up to friends and family is hard; it can make you feel judged or viewed differently, or perhaps they’re the source of your concerns. A therapist provides you with the opportunity to vent your frustrations, discover solutions to recurring problems and more that will ultimately make a positive impact on your overall mental health.

How can therapy help?

Therapy can make a positive impact in your life in a variety of ways. According to Mental Health America, therapy can help with:

  • Feeling stronger when faced with challenges
  • Changing behaviors that may be holding you back, either personally or professionally
  • Looking at different ways of thinking that affect how you feel
  • Healing pain from the past
  • Building relationship skills
  • Figuring out your goals
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Coping with symptoms
  • Handling strong emotions like fear, grief or anger
  • Enhancing problem-solving skills

Whether you are having difficulties coping with a specific life event or feel as though you need an unbiased person to listen to you and provide outside perspective, therapy could be a great option for you.

Making therapy work for you

While it’s true there’s a lot of just talking in therapy sessions, it doesn’t mean there’s not some level of work and conscious thought you need to put into it to ensure you see the benefits. First, it’s important to find a therapist you feel comfortable with so you can share your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. Once you find the right therapist for you, there are several ways you can take action during sessions that will help strengthen the overall effectiveness.

  • Think about your goals for treatment and share them with your therapist. Are there certain behaviors or issues you care the most about resolving in your life? Those should be receiving the focus to help reach your goals of better mental health.
  • Keep an open mind regarding suggestions for changes from your therapist. Change is never easy, but remember that improving your mental health is going to take work, some of which may be uncomfortable. Consider new ways to behave or think that may help improve your quality of life, and continue to push yourself toward the change you wish to see, even if you feel tempted to quit.
  • If you aren’t feeling like you’re making progress, be honest. Good therapists do their best to work with you so you get the most out of every session, so if you don’t feel like things are improving, discuss it with them. Of course, if after discussing your concerns you still aren’t feeling comfortable, consider seeking out another therapist to find a better fit.
  • Remember to be open and honest during your sessions. No matter how good a therapist may be, they can only help you so much if you aren’t giving them the whole story. If you aren’t doing well, don’t hold back and tell them you’re fine. They are there to help you without judgment, so be honest when discussing concerns.
  • Don’t let your sessions be the only place you reflect. Therapy will be most effective if you continue to work on challenges and personal growth outside of the office. Keep a journal at home to further reflect on things closer to the moment or think of other ways you can work on yourself outside of the therapy session.

Taking care of your mental health is an important part of overall wellness. If you have any concerns about your mental health, discuss them with your provider at Midwest Express Clinic. We can provide you with helpful resources as well as refer you to a therapist or other mental health professional to ensure you receive the help you need to work toward your best self. Visit us online for a fast, easy check-in at your nearest location today!

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