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February is American Heart Month

Feb 13, 2018

February is American Heart Month

MWEC heart monthWith Valentine’s Day at the center of the month, it is only fitting that the month of February be designated as American Heart Month. Cardiovascular disease causes an average of 2,300 deaths per day in America, so in this month of love, it is time to remind yourself, your family and friends to focus on heart health.

Protecting your heart can be as simple as making healthy life choices. According to the American Heart Association, “even modest changes to your diet and lifestyle can improve your heart health and lower your risk by as much as 80 percent.” Of course, some individuals may still be more at risk due to family history or age, but any increased risk only strengthens the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

There are many different heart conditions that can affect us, but eating healthy, staying active, and managing stress are simple ways to even prevent some completely. Regular visits with your doctor are vital as any underlying conditions can be identified, risk factors can be discussed and a treatment plan can be created if necessary.

So this February, let your Valentine know how much you care by reminding them of the importance of heart health. If it has been a while since you or your loved one have had a check-up, visit us today. There’s no need to make an appointment, and we accept most insurance plans.

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