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Importance of General Checkups and Wellness Exams

Feb 28, 2019

Importance of General Checkups and Wellness Exams

Everyone wants to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, but if you are unaware of your current overall health status, you could be putting yourself at risk. Having a regular checkup and wellness exam performed by a physician is the best way to take charge of your own personal health, helping you to prevent disease, or find an underlying condition to begin treatment before it gets out of control.

Visiting your doctor regularly will allow them to keep records of your baseline readings, from blood pressure to cholesterol and more. These baseline readings will allow them to see right away if something is amiss down the road, potentially protecting you from a dangerous outcome. Also, if the doctor finds an underlying problem early, chances of successful treatment or curing you are much better.

Some individuals are able to go a year between routine checkups, but your doctor will recommend a schedule based on your unique needs. Depending on your age, current overall health, family history, lifestyle choice – including diet, physical activity, and smoking – and more may determine if you require more or less visits within a given timeframe.

There are various important exams, screenings and vaccinations that are recommended, all based on age, gender, inherent risk factors, and more. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a list of these recommended items to help determine what may be right for you. Your doctor will recommend what you may need, but if you feel you may need a specific screening or test, always be sure to bring it up and discuss during your visit.

If you are already great at visiting the doctor regularly, be sure to encourage your family and friends to do the same. Many people may feel like they are healthy and don’t need to visit the doctor unless they are sick, but they don’t need to wait until symptoms appear to find a potential health concern. For a wellness check that fits into your schedule, visit one of our several convenient Midwest Express Clinic locations today. No appointment is necessary, but you can minimize your wait by utilizing our virtual check-in tool prior to your visit.

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