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Importance of Lab Testing for Accurate Results

Jan 24, 2019

Importance of Lab Testing for Accurate Results

When you need accurate answers when it comes to health, getting laboratory testing done is essential. Accurate results can help you get a job, place trust in a relationship, or will deliver health news you need to know.

Drug Testing

Many places of employment require drug testing to be performed prior to a new hire starting. While it can seem like a hassle, it allows the employer to trust they hired someone who will be responsible and not pose any sort of hazard for others. It helps discourage employees from abusing alcohol and drugs, prevent hiring those who use illegal drugs, encourage a safe workplace, and more.

Outside of employment, drug testing could be utilized for a number of reasons. If a general physician suspects a patient may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, or a person’s behavior seems strange or even dangerous, a drug test may be performed. These can be requested by doctors, rehabilitation centers, sports organizations and even family members.

STD Testing

Relationships require a large amount of trust, especially when physically intimate. Whether it is new, non-exclusive, a partner has strayed, or it has just been a while since you’ve been tested, it is important to know your health status, as well as that of your partner. Many sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be spread easily from person-to-person, some without exhibiting any obvious symptoms.

Not only is STD and STI testing essential to prevent the spread of disease, but having an undiagnosed illness can lead to severe health complications. Allowing an STD or STI to go untreated could result in infertility, an increased risk of HIV infection, endangering future pregnancies, and more.

Pregnancy Testing

Whether you are trying to conceive, or unexpectedly missed a period, waiting to find out if you are pregnant can feel like a lifetime. There are a plethora of at-home tests available, some touting they are able to give you accurate results even before a missed period. However, even the best over-the-counter tests can present false readings, or even ones that are difficult to actually read.

You want to ensure you know right away if you are pregnant, as some everyday decisions that are typically harmless could increase an unborn baby’s risk for long-term health complications, or even loss of pregnancy. Having an answer early on will allow you to receive necessary prenatal treatment and care for you and your baby. The most accurate test to determine pregnancy is via blood test at the request of a physician. Hormones that may not be easily picked up on an at-home test are more easily found, and levels can even be read to give an idea of how it is progressing.

Because so much rides on the results of any laboratory test, it is vital to ensure the testing is accurate. If you require a lab test for your new job, need to know your overall sexual health status, or are curious if you may be expecting, visit us today. We offer lab testing services and exams in each of our convenient locations to provide you with the accurate results you need.

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