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Three Cheers for Nurses! May is Time to Recognize These Healthcare Heroes

May 3, 2022

Three Cheers for Nurses! May is Time to Recognize These Healthcare Heroes

From birth to end of life, nurses are an integral part of patient care across all facets of healthcare. They work endlessly to identify and protect the needs of the individuals they care for. Serving as the backbone of our healthcare system, the nursing profession is constantly evolving to address the changing needs of society. In May, we honor the people who deliver compassionate care and support to our communities through National Nurses Month.

The Role of Nurses

According to the American Nurses Association, there are over 4 million nurses in the U.S. today making them the largest profession in healthcare. The role they play in our healthcare system goes beyond direct patient care. Nurses are advocates for patient needs and healthcare reform, educators of both their patients and the public, and they provide emotional support for patients and their loved ones.

A recent study found that for patients in the intensive care unit, the healthcare practitioners they spent the most time with were nurses. The time spent directly with those under their care gives nurses a unique insight into the background, behavior and needs of their patients. This allows them to better manage the overall health of patients and the care they receive.

Nurses are the frontline in assessing and diagnosing illnesses and injuries, as well as planning, implementing and evaluating treatment options. They also coordinate patient care between doctors and healthcare providers of different specialties and meticulously document the status of their patients. There is little that happens in a healthcare facility that a nurse does not have a hand in.

Thank you

As we head toward the middle of 2022, it seems the COVID-19 pandemic is entering a season of recovery. It is through the sacrifices, innovation and dedication of nurses that we have arrived at this bright horizon. Risking their health and the health of their loved ones, nurses bravely geared up in PPE to work long days and nights without ever losing the capacity to provide compassionate care. This is why we call them heroes.

At Midwest Express Clinic we are thankful for every nurse on our staff. Without them we would not be able to deliver the same level of expert personal care we give our patients. Nurses put the heart in the extraordinary healthcare we provide. The next time you visit one of our Northwest Indiana or Chicagoland area locations, thank a nurse for their service.

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