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3 Reasons to Get Your Annual Flu Shot

Oct 17, 2022

3 Reasons to Get Your Annual Flu Shot

October is the official start of flu season. While many would rather focus their attention this month on picking out the perfect Halloween costume or planning their next college football watch party, it’s important to make some room in the schedule for a flu shot appointment. Millions of Americans are affected by the flu each year, with hundreds of thousands of patients hospitalized due to severe flu symptoms. Flu vaccines are the best line of defense against the virus, as they significantly reduce the risk of flu infection and lessen the severity of symptoms in those who contract the flu.

The influenza virus is constantly changing and adapting, so vaccine manufacturers work to update the flu vaccines each year to best protect against the current flu strains. Because a person’s immune protection from the flu vaccine declines over time, it’s essential to get a flu vaccine every year to ensure you are protected. For those who are unsure about getting the flu shot, here are the three top reasons to schedule your flu vaccine appointment.

Take fewer sick days

If given the choice, we’d all prefer to use our allocated sick days from work to take a much-needed vacation instead of spending those precious days off sniffling and sneezing in bed. When you get your annual flu shot, your heightened immune response reduces your risk of infection from the flu. Even those who contract the flu after getting vaccinated have a 40% to 60% reduction in their risk of needing to go to the doctor because of the severity of their flu symptoms. In short, less time spent sick at home means more days you can cash in for your next Caribbean vacation.

Protect those around you from getting sick

By getting vaccinated for the flu, you can protect your family, friends and others from contracting the virus. This is especially important for those who are around people vulnerable to serious flu illness, including elderly people, pregnant women, babies and young children, and adults who have certain chronic health conditions.

Reduce the risk of flu-associated hospitalization

The flu shot is critical in reducing a person’s risk of being hospitalized due to severe flu symptoms. In addition, people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and chronic lung disease have a reduced risk of hospitalization if they get their flu vaccination.

To get your annual flu shot, book a vaccine appointment today at a Midwest Express Clinic nearest you. The flu shot is free of charge for those with health insurance. A self-pay rate is available for those who do not have health insurance. For more information or to find a Midwest Express Clinic in your area, visit

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