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Insect Bites To Look Out For This Summer And How To Treat Them

Jul 26, 2021

Insect Bites To Look Out For This Summer And How To Treat Them

The lazy summer days happily draw us out of homes in search of a bit of sunshine and warm weather fun. But the fair-weather season is also a prime time for bugs. These tiny pests can make backyards a nightmare and communing with nature feel more like a nuisance.

Most insect bites are annoying but generally harmless. Yet it only makes sense to be aware of which ones to ignore and which ones could potentially be dangerous. Here is what you should know about common summer pests and when it is wise to seek out healing help from your local Midwest Express Clinic.

The Ever-Present Mosquito

Mosquitos are pesky, vampire-like creatures that seem to be everywhere in large numbers. They can ruin barbecue gatherings or take the joy out of outdoor birthday parties. But the itching after-bite could be more than what it seems. Mosquitoes are known carriers of a variety of serious diseases. It is best to avoid being bitten in the first place by applying DEET repellent and staying away from standing water mosquito breeding grounds.

How to treat a mosquito bite — Wash the bite with soap and water and apply an anti-itch cream. It might be tough but try to avoid scratching.

When to seek treatment — Get medical help immediately if you experience the symptoms of fever, headache, or chills after being bitten by a mosquito.

The Dreaded Tick

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites usually found in grassy or wooded areas. They latch onto their human or animal host to feast. Tick bites can not only leave swelling, red bumps on your skin, they potentially carry the dangerous diseases and illnesses like Lyme disease. Keeping your yard from getting overgrown is a good start to deterring them. If you plan on venturing out into deep woods or overgrown fields, wear long sleeves, pants, and a hat for additional coverage. Insect repellants with permethrin can also help keep ticks at bay, but after any outdoor adventure, thoroughly check your body and those in your family for ticks that may be hiding.

How to treat a tick bite — Carefully remove the tick with tweezers getting as close to the skin as possible. Clean the bite with rubbing alcohol or antiseptic.

When to seek treatment — Watch for flu-like symptoms including body aches and fatigue. Seek medical treatment right away if you have them following a tick bite.

The Sneaky Spider

Spiders mostly stay away from people, but it is not uncommon to run into them in your summer garden. Most spiders are not poisonous but those that are can cause severe reactions if they bite you. Wear gloves when you are working anywhere where spiders might be living. DEET insect repellents are found in a variety of sprays or lotions. Natural essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint oil have also been shown to be effective in warding off spiders.

How to treat a spider bite — Clean the bite with soap and water. Use an ice pack or cold cloth to reduce pain and swelling. Take over-the-counter pain relievers if necessary.

When to seek treatment — Seek medical care if you experience excessive pain, cramping, or sweating. Rings or discoloration around the bite site may be a sign that medical attention is needed.

Midwest Express Clinic offers comprehensive medical services for non-emergency illnesses and injuries including insect bites. We take a heartfelt approach to healthcare tailoring our services to your specific needs. Contact us anytime or stop by one of our convenient locations and we will be there to provide you with healthcare with heart.

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